TextExpander and iOS Data Sharing

From the first time TextExpander touch showed up it always seemed kind magical that data could get shared … on iOS. Over the years, Smile has always found a way to keep this working. This past week, Smile faced a new setback when Apple rejected a relatively minor update that has sent them back to the drawing board. I’m sure they’ll figure it out but in the meantime, I recommend opening the current version of TextExpander touch and downloading your snippet library before the current system changes. I suspect it will be awhile before everything sorts out and even longer before the app developers adopt the new sync method (whatever that ends up being).

I’m guessing the apps that haven’t updated will still be able to get at your existing snippets through the Reminders database (which is how TextExpander currently syncs your data). 

The bigger issue in all of this is the lack of options for iOS apps to share data. I understand how important security is but I also think the iOS experience is worse off without a way share data easier .Why can’t we take a PDF file and move it between separate applications instead of making a separate copy every time? Why can’t apps we trust, like TextExpander, get enough access to move some data between apps? Windows Phone and Android have already taken steps in this direction. I sure hope this is high on the list for iOS 8.