Text Expander Snippets: Date and Time

Here is another group of my TextExpander snippets.

My date snippets fall in a few categories:


Why type August when “xm8” is faster?

Date Math

I don’t remember when TextExpander added this feature but I really like the relative date function. If I want yesterday’s date for instance, I type “d–“

Date Stamps

Because I date stamp notes from conversations in nvALT notes and they are always a heading two, I have two different versions of the date stamps, one with and one without markdown headings.

AppleScript Date Snippets

These are magic.

xdnm  gets next Monday

xdnw gets the date range next week

xdns gets next Saturday

xdnf gets next Friday

I’ve written most of these and collected others from the Web. All of the AppleScript based date snippets are courtesy of Ben Waldie. Also honorable mention goes to Tim Stringer, who sent in his list. If you think you’ve got me licked with something better, send it in and I’ll include it with the next update.

Download the Date Snippets