New Productive Macs Bundle

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There is a new Productive Macs Bundle. This one includes several gems including:

  • Shortcat (Usually $24)
  • iRip (Usually $24.95)
  • ExpanDrive (Usually $39.95)
  • Hands Off! (Usually $49.99)
  • Raskin (Usually $24.99)
  • MacSnapper (Usually $49)
  • LilyView (Usually $4.99)
  • Cocktail (Usually $19)

You can get all eight for 30 bucks.

I’ve used Cocktail quite often for sytem management. Hands Off looks like an interesting security tool that lets you monitor and control access to apps and the Internet on your Mac. I’m also interested in Shortcat, that lets you perform tasks normally requiring the mouse or trackpad from your keyboard. That’s just three of the eight apps. Get it here.