Embracing the Past, 30 Years of Mac


There has always been an interesting dichotomy between Apple and Mac Users over history. As users, we relish in little trips down memory lane about the original control panel or how bleak things were in the 90s. It has been a journey for us all and we can’t wait to talk about it.

Traditionally Apple has, at least publicly, shunned these nostalgic trips. The logic was that it is a tough, competitive world and Apple needs to focus on the future, always. There are several reports that Apple sent its own collection of historic Apple hardware to Stanford to make room. Apple all but ignored the Mac’s 25th birthday, which made me a little sad.

I understand why Apple feels compelled to stay focussed on the future but also very much appreciate the love they’ve been giving to the Mac for its 30th birthday. In case you’ve missed out, they’ve got a special website set up for the event with plenty of cool (and nostalgic) images and stories. They made one video all about the Mac’s impact and another video (shot entirely with the iPhone 5s) giving us a day in the life of Apple products shot on the Mac’s birthday. If you haven’t already, set aside 20 minutes and go celebrate 30 years of Mac with Apple.