Image Capture for iOS Device Management


I noticed last night that the camera roll on my iPhone was using 6GB. Between iCloud and other mechanisms, my photos are backed up but I’ve been sloppy about cleaning out my camera roll. I could do this on the phone but it isn’t very fast. So I fired up my favorite Mac app for managing/copying/deleting lots of images at once, Image Capture. I’m often surprised by how many Mac owners don’t even know this application exists. It is part of the operating system and ships on every Mac. Rather than trying to manage large numbers of images from iPhoto or Aperture, Image Capture lets me triage my iOS photos first. I can select multiple images for management, export to my Mac, and, ultimately, deletion. There are even a few Automator hooks. There really isn’t anything magical about this little utility but once you know it’s there, you’ll probably find use for it.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 8.14.06 PM.png