Misty Watercolor Memories of Word 5.1

Last week at Macworld, the subject of Word 5.1 kept coming up in multiple conversations with multiple people. This was partly a result of Microsoft releasing Office for the iPad but I have to admit it is strange how much that application is universally loved by old nerds. When was the last time you truly loved a Microsoft app for the Mac? I wonder if it really was that great or if we are all just looking through rose colored glasses. I suspect that even if Microsoft wound back the clock, I’d still be spending the majority of my time in Scrivener, Byword, and Editorial (which is getting much more sticky for me lately).

While I usually make an effort to completely avoid the April Fools posts, I can’t finish this post without making reference to the near-legendary TidBITS April 1, 2011 post about Word 5.1 on the iPad. People wanted to believe that one so badly.