About that Sapphire Crystal Video

I’m going to declare the release of the below video demonstrating an alleged Sappphire crystal display from the next iPhone the official opening of iPhone rumor silly season. Every year about this time, the parts leaks start up giving us increased information about the next iPhone, which Apple will probably announce in September or October. While the video is impressive, I’m not sure how relevant the tests were. I’ve been using iPhones without cases since the first iPhone. Granted I’m pretty careful about it (the left pocket is for iPhone only) but I have never had a scratch on the glass of any of my iPhones.

Shattered glass is another story. The real test I would like to see with this Sapphire crystal (if this is Sapphire crystal), is shatter resistance. If Apple is incorporating this new material and it can dramatically decrease the amount of shattered screens, then we are talking.

Either way, I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot more links and stories in the coming months leading up to Apple’s announcement. Moreover, if the new material is used and is more shatter resistant, I’m certain that Tim and gang will be shouting that from the rooftops at the eventual announcement.