Broadwell Delays

Intel’s new Broadwell chips have a lot of hopes pinned upon them. They are supposed to be bring energy efficiency and graphics performance to new levels. I suspect Apple is relying on Broadwell to make the fabled 12″ Retina MacBook Air-ish computer into reality. If that is the case, we may be waiting longer for this computer than expected. MacRumors reports the necessary chips are now pushed back into next year.

If the rumored delay is for real and if Apple needs the chip to release a thin, light retina MacBook, this has got to be driving people at Apple crazy. I’ve always thought the idea of an Apple designed ARM-based Mac a little nutty (at least for a few years into the future). However, when Apple can’t ship a product because a supplier can’t deliver, I bet the super-secret-put-an ARM-in-a-Mac team in Cupertino is getting a few phone calls.