“Wish we could say more.”

Today Apple’s official invitations for the September 9 iPhone event hit the wire. This one is void of information except a white-on-white Apple logo and the words, “Wish we could say more”. There is a lot of excitement brewing about this event. There seems to be a lot of smoke surrounding the idea that this one will be special.

The Leaks

Leaks abound demonstrating the new iPhone will be 4.7 inches with an even larger one at 5.5. We haven’t seen as many manufacturing leaks about the 5.5 inch phone, making me think it may be a little delayed or pushed back to another time. I find myself very curious about a phablet sized iPhone. Very curious indeed.

Flint Center

The event is at the Flint Center for Performing Arts. This is an uncommon venue for Apple and hallowed ground. Steve Jobs first unveiled the Macintosh at the Flint Center. I don’t think they’d go back unless they had something special to share.

The Structure

Apple is building something at the Flint Center. Nobody knows what it is but it’s three stories high and should be pretty interesting. Maybe it is as something as innocent as a “hands-on” area for whatever they’ll announce. Maybe it is something amazing like a rocket ship … to Mars. Who knows? It’s Apple.

The Wearable

Suddenly there are a lot of rumors that we’ll see the long rumored Apple wearable on September 9. The fact that they are at Flint Center lends credence to this. The fact that we’ve seen zero leaked photos makes me think they aren’t in production yet but Apple often announced new product categories before they are in full swing. (They did this with the iPhone and iPad.) Maybe announcing it now, before it goes into full production, lets Apple control the message. 

Whatever they are up to, I suspect we’ll have a lot to talk about on September 9.