The Stay-At-Home Guide to the Apple iPhone Event

Tomorrow is a big day for Apple. They are taking the stage at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino and going to take the wraps off of the iPhone 6. Moreover, there are also rumors of an iWatch, secure payment, and other bits and bobs. There is even a secret building. For Apple geeks, it is the Super Bowl, Oscars, and Christmas morning all wrapped up into one. Even with the larger venue, there are a lot of us that won’t be able to attend so I thought it would be fun to have my own stay-at-home guide for those of us that didn’t get a golden ticket.

1. Watch the Live Stream

Apple is going to be broadcasting live. Apple is increasingly providing a live stream for these events, which provides the stay-homer with a much better experience. Where we used to have to sit and hammer at the refresh button on our browsers as we waited for our favorite websites to upload blurry photos or crash or both, now we get the whole enchilada, live.

2. Plug in for the Commentary Track

Because the event is live streaming, you don’t need a website that is going to be cranking photos at your browser. Instead, you can now pick someone for their knowledge of Apple and Apple events. There are several good potential sources. I will be watching the comment stream from Macworld. It’s usually Jason Snell and Dan Moren. I think Jason is one of the most rational and knowledgeable guys out there when it comes to Apple and I always find his thoughts insightful.

3. Get Social

If you are reading this article, you are already following the right sorts of people on Twitter. Plug in tomorrow at 10AM PST and watch the banter fly. I’ve come to enjoy the social part of these events perhaps even more that the announcements themselves. I think Twitter is ground zero for this sort of thing.

4. Have Some Fun with It

There are several ways to increase the fun. I know people that insist on watching these events in the same room with fellow geeks. Some people play bingo. Others play various drinking games revolving around Johnny Ive appearing in a white room or saying the word All-U-Min-EE-Um. It is a great day to let your geek flag fly (and check your credit card balance). Go crazy.

5. Don’t Take It Too Serious

Apple is one of the world’s largest companies run by some very smart people. When the show is over and the Internet explodes with commentary about how the company is going in the toilet and the iPhone/iWatch/iWhatever is a bust, don’t take it too seriously. Sadly, making money on the Internet often has a lot more to do with incensing readers than enlightening them. 

On the flip side, the reality distortion field still exists with big Apple announcements and it is easy to get carried away thinking they just cured cancer when, in fact, they just made it a lot easier to buy a pizza. I usually give the whole thing a few days to percolate before deciding how I think Apple’s latest bit of wizardry fits into the big scheme.