Muting Continuity

Am I the only one that thinks Yosemite’s Continuity feature is pretty awesome? I am often sitting at my Mac with my phone across the room in a charger and answering a call on my Mac feels like living in the future.

What I don’t like about this feature is the way everything in my office goes off like an air-raid klaxon every time I get a call. Unfortunately, Continuity is a binary thing at this point. You either get the window on the screen plus the ringer or you get nothing at all. I think there should be a setting that lets me keep Continuity turned on at my Mac and iPad, but doesn’t make an audible ring. If I’m looking at my Mac and the a phone call comes in, I don’t need the audio. After all, I’m looking at my Mac. The same goes for my iPad. In short, Continuity needs a ringer-mute switch.