Flic for Camera Roll Sorting

I’ve never been happy with the built-in camera roll sorting tools. When I take photos with my phone I usually squeeze off three or four of any shot in hopes that I’ll get that one where nobody has their eyes closed or the baby is particularly cute or whatever. The trouble is that sorting through those images in the Photos app is difficult. The thumbnail images are too small and it is difficult figuring out ones to keep. This has resulted, more than once, in my deleting the wrong image. This past weekend I decided I’d deleted the wrong picture for the last time and I went looking in the App Store and discovered Flic.

Flick displays the images from your camera roll one at a time. You flick the keepers to the right and the trash to the left. The images are about 3/4 their full size but if you tap them, they blow up even bigger. Using this app, I was able to make quick work of the images in my camera roll over the past month. The app also keeps a running tab of how much space you are recovering with your deletions. Now that I have an easy way to sort camera roll photos, I expect I’ll be taking even more pictures on my iPhone.