Jean MacDonald on Gender Equality in Tech

Jean MacDonald wrote up her thoughts on the inevitable progress toward gender equality in technology at iMore.

Discrimination still exists in this field and likely will exist for some time. But I don’t get discouraged by the terrible stories circulating in the news on harassment and workplace discrimination. I don’t get frustrated with well-meaning but clueless commenters who think the status quo reflects innate gender differences. Instead, I’m spurred on to redouble my own efforts to make the future better.

I challenge you to do the same and make a specific effort to improve the ratio. Supporting company policies that encourage the hiring and retention of women is a good start. Setting aside some money for an organization that supports girls in technology can also make an impact. I also have a simple suggestion: Take a look at the people whose opinions influence you online. Try following a few more women on Twitter or subscribing to their podcasts.

— Jean MacDonald

I’d add that this stuff doesn’t just happen automatically. It takes hard work and Jean is leading the charge. She quit her job to open her own non-profit, App Camp for Girls, that is doing some amazing work. I am a contributor and I’d encourage you to do so too.