Inatech Felt Sleeve Review

I’m several months in now with the new MacBook and my affection has only grown stronger for this ultralight in the meantime. I’ve been traveling a lot lately and having a Mac with me anywhere has been awesome. 

In fact, I like this laptop  so much that lately I’m starting to accessorize it. I wanted a simple sleeve-style case that I could use for carrying it to the coffee shop or even just to protect it when I throw it into my bigger bags. 

I wanted something simple and not too expensive. This led me to the Inateck felt sleeve for MacBook. I’d always admired these sleeves and saw several of them in use at WWDC. I’ve been trying one now for several weeks and I like it.

The sleeve is made of a thick felt material that feels natural to the touch. The inside of the laptop pocket is lined with microfiber. The dimensions are just right and the 12″ MacBook fits in nice and snug. (They have different models for all of the currently shipping Apple laptops.)

There is a smart leather strip across the flap that I’m probably going to mark up with my name and phone number at some point. There are also pockets that can hold an iPad Air in the front and an iPhone in the back. In practice, I’ve been using this for the iPad often and the iPhone rarely. 

The best part of this relatively inexpensive sleeve is the feel of the material. I like that it is natural and feels comfortable to the touch. I also like that when I throw it in my bigger bags, the felt will protect my Precious. You can get this sleeve on Amazon for just $15. If you are currently carrying your laptop “free” in a larger bag, this Inatech Felt sleeve is perfect to give it some protection.