The Waterfield Vitesse Messenger Bag

I bought my first Waterfield laptop bag seven years ago. Since then, I’ve been a regular customer. Waterfield is based in San Francisco and makes excellent, rugged cases for your Apple goodies. They’re attractive and they hold up overtime. (That seven year old bag is still in service for my daughter.) 

However, my purchases have always been limited to bags specifically made for specific laptops. Just recently I went for something bigger. I got one of the new Waterfield Vitesse Messenger bags. I’ve never used a messenger bag before but now that I’m using the smaller laptop, it makes sense. I wanted a bag the could carry my MacBook along with a few other odds and ends like an iPad, a bottle of water, and even a sweatshirt without going the full-on backpack route. I also wanted something that looked good enough that I could use it in a professional environment. This messenger bag is perfect for the task. 

There’s a large main compartment and a pocket inside the Laptop. There are also three pockets on the inside where I store extra batteries and cables. The bag isn’t overwhelming and slips over my shoulder just fine and yet still holds more gear than I expected. If you’ve used to messenger bag before, you know how convenient it is to slide it around to your back and get on with your day.

There are also front zipper pockets opening to an easily accessible large pocket for easy access. Inside that large pocket is a smaller pocket lined with scratch free material that can hold your phone or your glasses.

The cover closes with a simple closure that you can close in seconds but in my month of extended usages neve come unhooked accidentally. There’s a an adjustable nylon strap to throw it over your shoulder and also a leather handle. The bag material is waxed canvas and quite sturdy.

The bag looks nice enough that I can take it anywhere. I’m finding myself using it for client meetings and afternoon trips to Disneyland. Although I’m using it with the small retina Mac book, you could carry a larger computer in this bag if you wanted. The bag is 1.9 pounds and is 16“–18” x 13“ x 4”. You can purchase it with an optional cycling strap if you are a spinner. I expecting to get many years out of this new bag. You can learn more here.