The DxO One iPhone Camera Plug-In

DxO, known primarily for its image processing software has got into the hardware business. For years we’ve been seeing a variety of bolt-on/clip-on/glue-on lenses for the iPhone. The DxO One instead plugs into the iPhone and iPad through the lightening port. The lens housing is in the unit and is s significant upgrade to the current iPhone 6 camera (or anything we’ll see in the iPhone 6s). There is a 20 Megapixel, one inch sensor, and an F Stop down to 1.8. All of this adds up to better low light performance, better depth of field, and just generally better pictures at a cost of $600 and an additional thing to carry around.

The Wall Street Journal likes it, as does DPReview, Yahoo, and The Verge. I’m interested but also going to wait to see how it works with the new phone hardware later this month before committing.