Find Friends from Any Computer

Although it doesn’t get much press, one of my favorite features of iOS and OS X is Find Friends. As a dad, I love the ability to keep tabs on where my kids and my wife are. As I write these words, I recognize that sounds creepy but I’m willing to take that label this time. 

I’ve mentioned in the past how I equate Find Friends to Mrs. Weasley’s clock and the analogy stands.  All the members of my family are frequently dispersed throughout Southern California and, as the dad and husband, I get a certain degree of comfort knowing where they are at. From all of my Mac and iOS devices I can very quickly confirm that nobody is in jail or any other sort of trouble. I like that.
Starting a few days ago, I can also now access the data from any computer. The site has its own Find Friends tool that shows me the same data.  While it probably won’t be often that I would need to access this data from a third-party computer, the fact that I can is appreciated.