Sponsor: Eternal Storms Software

I’m pleased to welcome a new sponsor to MacSparky, Eternal Storms Software. Eternal Storms makes some of my favorite Mac productivity software and I’m really pleased to have them sponsoring the site. Here are just a few of their tasty morsels:


(Website)(Mac App Store)

You know that thing where you are using full screen mode and it’s a pain to move files between screens or building a document and can’t find the image file you need that’s buried somewhere on your desktop? Don’t fret. Yoink it.


(Website)(Mac App Store)

Ever taken a screenshot of something for reference only to find out that you can’t actually see the screenshot when you need it because it’s buried under seven windows? ScreenFloat keeps those screenshots above all other windows. This app also helps you organize and sort your screenshots.


(Website)(Mac App Store)(iOS App Store)

This app lets you start downloads on your Mac from your iPhone or iPad and make you feel like a total boss.

There’s more. Eternal Storms also has Glimpses, that takes the grunt work out of making still motion videos from a collection of photos, and Flickery, that help you manage your Flickr images and library.

When Eternal Storms first contacted me about sponsoring the site, they offered license codes for their apps. The funny thing is that I didn’t need any because I’d already bought them. Eternal Storms makes some really slick productivity apps. Check them out today.