Sponsor: Tinderbox and WinterFest Sale

Tinderbox is back as this week’s sponsor. Tinderbox lets you collect and organize your notes and then helps you intelligently analyze and work with that data. You can link different notes together and display them back in different formats. There are outline, map, and chart views that you can easily jump between, letting both the right and left sides of your brain have a look. There is also a built-in timeline tool that can create an interactive timeline among dated notes. Tinderbox can also collect and report on data it accumulates from i ts own file. It works with other applications like DEVONthink Office Pro, Delicious Library, and even your calendar.

Right now you can get Tinderbox for 25% off as part of the 2015 Winter Festival of Artisanal Software. There are a lot of great apps in there for sale, many of which have been covered here and on the Mac Power Users. Tinderbox is a serious tool and getting a 25% discount may be exactly the kick in the pants you need to get started with it as we head into the new year.

So head over the WinterFest sale page to pick up your copy of Tinderbox and then take a look at the Tinderbox website to learn more about this powerful tool.