Doctor Who Christmas

If you’ve been wondering about Doctor Who too intimidated to jump in, I get that. However, the next few days you’ve got an opportunity to dip your toe with the holiday coming up. For years they’ve been making Christmas specials with mixed results. There are two, however, that are, in my opinion brilliant.

Episode 213 “A Christmas Carol”

It’s a familiar story with a Doctor Who twist and a great performance by Michael Gambon.

Episode 225 “The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe”

The Doctor returns a favor and takes care of a family in need in his own special way.

These episodes stand alone and I’d like to think you can enjoy them even if you’ve never watched a lick of Doctor Who in your life. They’re both currently available on Netflix. I didn’t link these show descriptions on purpose. You just need to watch them. Every year I wrap presents while watching these two episodes and it fixes me right up.