Stack Social’s Pay What You Want Bundle

StackSocial’s Spring “pay what you want” bundle is worth consideration. Because you get to choose your price, it accommodates all budgets. If you pay more than the average price, you’ll receive the full upgraded bundle with all 13 applications. There are several good ones on this list, many of which I’ve already paid full price for. There are a lot of apps here but to me, the combination of Screens 3, Pomodoro Time Pro, and Marked 2 are really what sells this bundle. Here’s the full list.

Marked 2 ($13.99 value): Bret Terpstra continues to improve upon this markdown swiss army knife. In the years since Brett first released this app it has grown to do so much more than just Markdown, including Fountain, CriticMarkup, MathJax, Scrivener, MarsEdit, and VoodooPad. It’s a long list.

Screens 3 ($29.99 value): Remotely control your computer with this user-friendly VNC for Mac. I started using Screens when it was version 1 and I’ve never looked back. There are lot of VNC applications out there but Screens does it solid reliability and a modern user interface. I’m using it even more now that I keep using the iPad Pro.

Pomodoro Time Pro ($4.99 value): Define & manage tasks, track progress. I recently broke myself out of a rut but bringing disciplined work bursts into play using pomodoro timers. This stuff works. Here’s a pretty timer to help you along.

Owlet ($499 value): Turn your 3D models into photorealistic images

Flux 6 ($99 value): Build websites with this powerful & user-friendly WYSIWYG tool

AfterShot Pro 2 ($79.99 value): An all-in-one RAW convertor, photo editor, and high-speed photo manager

Hands Off! ($49.99 value): Controls the access of web apps to your network and disks

FoldersSynchronizer 4 ($40 value): Synchronize & back up files, folders, and disks

AllMyMusic ($29 value): Record audio from any online streaming site

iClip ($14.99 value): Easily organize & access the contents on your clipboard

FilePane ($4.99 value): Drag a file, folder, text or images from any app

Emulsion App ($49.99 value): A powerful flexible digital photo librarian & editor

skEdit 4 ($29.99 value): Easily craft & edit quality code in this text editor