Zen and the Art of Work

Kourosh Dini, author and publisher of using Creating Flow with OmniFocus (and this guy) has a new project called Zen and the Art of Work. I have to admit that I’m normally resistant to anything that incorporates “Zen” into the name because the word has been twisted so much by commerce over the last 20 years that it’s now practically meaningless. However, in this case, I’d make an exception. I’ve known Kourosh for years and talked to him about how he balances his love for his family, his music, his medical practice (he’s a psychiatrist), and his other projects (like this one). The last time I had lunch with Kourosh, he wasn’t coming apart at the seams (like I often find myself) but instead wanted to sell me on a fiction book he’d read that he thought was just perfect for me. So if Kourosh wants to use the word Zen when teaching us how to work mindfully, he should by all means do so.

Zen and the Art of Work is a series of 16 video modules that helps the viewer develop her own habits gradually and without pressure. The series is productivity-system-agnostic so no matter what “system” or software you want to use, it should work for you. It’s all well-produced and Kourosh is an excellent teacher. It’s also reasonably priced at $35 and comes with a 30-day refund period if it doesn’t work for you.