Cyber Monday Deals

It’s that time of year and my email inbox has been burning up with press releases about Cyber Monday sales. Between the App stores and Amazon, I’ve come across several discounts from apps and products that I use and enjoy.


iOS Apps

Alto’s Adventure

$2.99 reduced to $0.99

One of the few games I’d recommend. It’s beautiful, fun, and strangely relaxing. I’ve written about it before.


$4.99 reduced to $2.99

This is my favorite package tracking app. I bought several competitors earlier this year with the idea of writing up a comparison only to fined Deliveries is still the best.

DEVONthink To Go

$14.99 reduced to $10.99

We’re planning a future MPU episode on DEVONthink. The iOS app has made a lot of progress and is on sale.


$6.99 reduced to $2.99

While I still primarily use Apple Mail, Dispatch is on my home screen for certain email tasks.


$4.99 reduced to $2.99

Due is a reminder app that specializes in being an absolute pain in the neck when you fail to take out there garbage cans by 6pm on Thursday.

Fantastical 2 for iOS

My favorite iOS calendar app is on sale. The iPad version is reduced from $9.99 to $4.99 and the iPhone version is reduced from $4.99 to $2.99.


$4.99 reduced to $2.99

Hydra can merge 60 frames to make a single high-quality picture. This is a camera app that’s definitely worth adding to your collection for low light shots without too much action in them, like a Christmas tree in a dark room. 

PDFpen 2

$19.99 reduced to $9.99

I like working with PDFs on my iPad better than on my Mac and PDFpen is my favorite tool for the job.

PDF Expert

$9.99 reduced to $4.99

PDF Expert is another great iOS PDF app and it’s on sale too. 


$4.99 reduced to $1.99

Pixelmator is my favorite third party photo editing app and on sale.

Scanner Pro

$3.99 reduced to $2.99

Need to take a picture of a receipt and send it to Dropbox with minimum fuss. Try this app.


$19.99 reduced to $14.99

This year I’m thankful for my beloved Scrivener making its way to iPad and iPhone. Get $5.00 off for the next few days.


$4.99 reduced to $0.99

ABBYY makes some of the best OCR tools on the market and 

TextTool is one of the best-of-breed on iOS. As an added bonus, it can translate foreign languages.


Mac Apps


$9.99 reduced to $4.99

Here’s the Mac companion for the Due iOS app covered above.


$59.99 reduced to $39.99

Hydra is one of the best available HDR apps for the Mac and for the next few days, it’s $20 off. While I already own most of the apps in the post, I just bought this one.


$2.99 reduced to $0.99

I’ve been working on my regular expressions chops lately in my free time and Patterns is a great Mac App to help out.

Prizmo 3

$49.99 reduced to $29.99

Prizmo’s another great scanning app, this time for the Mac. (The iOS version is on sale as well.)


$14.99 reduced to $10.99

This App is made by the same team that makes Scrivener. It’s an excellent tool for organizing thoughts on big projects, particularly writers.


$9.99 reduced to $4.99

Want to remove a bit from the background of your photo, Snapheal does the job. It just does one thing, but it does it really well.


$5.99 reduced to $2.99

Unclutter adds a drawer to the top of your Mac’s screen where you can keep your clipboard, files, and bits of text. Useful.


Amazon Deals

Amazon Echo
$179.99 reduced to $139.99

I’ve been using the Echo for a year and like it. Hopefully Apple is working on something similar.


Anker Batteries

All of the Anker Batteries are on sale. I’ve already bought a few as stocking stuffers.

PowerCore 10,000

$49.99 reduced to $23.99

PowerCore 20,100

$79.99 reduced to $39.99

PowerCore 26800

$99.99 reduced to $55.99

PowerCore Slim 5000

$49.99 reduced to $22.99

Anker USB Wall Charger

$29.99 reduced to $12.49


EERO 3 Pack

$499.99 reduced to $399.99

Apple’s out of the of the router business. EERO’s pretty great.


Sonos Play 1

$199.99 reduced to $149.99

Be warned with this one. The Sonos Play 1 was my gateway drug into all things Son


Tardis Ornament

$16.50 reduced to $8.49

I bought one of these and love it on my tree.