Terminology 4.0 – A Word Tool

I spend a lot of time working with words so I am always looking for apps that can help me out. Terminology (Website) (App Store) is one of those apps. Terminology’s been in active development since 2010 and this week Agile Tortoise, the developer, released Terminology version 4.0. Features include:


There’s a full off-line root word dictionary and semantic reference with concise definitions for common words and phrases. 


I use this feature often. It shows word relations, including synonyms and antonyms and it runs deeper than most of the other apps I’ve tried. This also works through an extension so you can look for new words from anywhere on iOS.

Reference Tool

You can use the application as a jumping off point for Google searches, Wikipedia, and other web resources. With the Pro version you can even make custom URL-based actions. Terminology is very automation friendly. This shouldn’t surprise you. It’s developed by the same guy that makes Drafts.

Terminology 4 is universal for iPhone and iPad and they have a new model with a free download and a $1.99 Pro unlock to remove ads and enable custom actions and dark mode. Below is a video showing off some of the features.