Random Thoughts on the New Apple Products

Today Apple announced several new products…

The New 9.7 Inch iPad

Just last week I wrote about the need for an “ePad”. The new lower priced iPad makes a lot of sense for schools and other buyers on a budget. It is $70 less, a little thicker, and probably a little more sturdy. Companies are already announcing rugged cases for the new iPad that would work great in an education setting.

We did not get updates to the iPad Pro. I still think we’ll get those this year. The current 12.9 inch iPad is now over a year and a half old and the 9.7 inch iPad Pro is a year old. I’d be surprised if we don’t get at least processor updates on them and Apple brings the hardware features into parity with fast charging and True Tone display. As to the rumored 10.5 inch iPad, your guess is as good as mine.

The Product Red iPhone

For years I felt like there should be a Product Red iPhone. The only thing that’s puzzling to me is that they waited so long into the iPhone 7 product cycle before releasing it. If things go according to the usual schedule, we are less than six months away from the next iPhone. Also, how about a Product Red iPad?

Clips App

I’m curious why they announced this when it’s not ready to ship. My favorite commentary on the new Clips app came from my children, “It’s like Snapchat, but for parents.” Ouch.

The Spring Apple Watch Bands

Very “springy”. If I was in charge, I would’ve also announced some spring-themed animations for the Messages App.