TestFlight Expansion and Beta Testing iOS Apps

Yesterday Apple announced it is expanding support for TestFlight, the beta platform for iOS apps, up to 10,000 users. That means iPhone and iPad developers can have up to 10,000 users beta testing their apps. I think this is great. Expanding the test pool allows developers to find more bugs and get feedback from a lot more people. No longer do app developers need to be stingy with beta test invites because they are no longer a rare commodity.

In my opinion, the fact that you’re reading this blog probably makes you a good beta tester. If you’ve got an app you use often and are willing to put yourself on the sharp end of the stick, reach out to the developer and tell them what you love and hate about their app. Tell them how it could be better and volunteer to be a beta tester. I do this for several applications and find it fun to see what’s coming and playing a small role in making the apps I love the most better.

If, however, you decide to take the plunge and be a beta tester, make sure you have sufficient time to provide legitimate feedback to the developer. Taking a beta seat and not providing feedback is unfair to the developer.