Apple and Animoji

Apple has a new ad out capitalizing on the success of Animoji.

I think Apple is smart to put the pedal down on Animoji. It is way more popular than anyone expected and gives Apple a chance to distinguish the iPhone X from anything else.

However, I don’t think Apple is doing enough to ride this wave. Just like I wrote about Messages effects last year, Apple needs to be more agile when these social-related features start to take off. There’s no mystery that companies capitalizing on things like stickers and effects, like Snapchat, are constantly rotating in new effects that keep users coming back.

Apple should have a team preparing new Animoji faces that go out frequently. Why not an Animoji Reindeer or Santa or Baby New Year? 
If instead, Apple leaves Animoji as they are right now with significant change for an entire year until iOS 12, people will move on.