Star Wars Celebration

I remember being a teenager and talking to one of the older gents in my neighborhood. At the time I thought he was ancient but looking back I’m pretty sure he was younger than I am now. Anyway, he told me that the older you get, the weirder you get. I’ve never forgot about that and it generally rings true with my life.

As I’ve been busy with MacSparky, the law practice, and my family, I’ve disconnected from a lot of popular culture things over the years. I don’t keep up with sports and I don’t watch much TV. I do, however, spend way too much time thinking about Star Wars. I was eight years old when the first movie came out and I bonded to it like a baby duck to its mama. I’ve heard all of the critiques of Star Wars and even agree with a few of them but at the end of the day, I still love it more than a grown man reasonably should.

So this week I’m taking a little trip to Orlando Florida where I will be attending the Star Wars Celebration. It’s a gathering of the Star Wars tribe where I won’t be giving any presentations or working with sponsors or any of the other things I do at most conferences. Instead, I’ll be just another guy going to sessions, making a few new friends, and geeking out.

The organizers of the event were crazy enough to give me a media badge so I’m going to take that seriously and even write a few posts here about what’s really going on in that galaxy far, far away. I’m also going to be posting photos on my Snapchat and Instagram accounts. I’ll probably also make some noise on Twitter as well.

So if you’re attending the Star Wars Celebration, please look me up. If Star Wars makes your eyes roll, please feel free to ignore my posts on the subject this week. I will tag them all “Star Wars” so you can set your filters accordingly.