One More Go at iOS Text Manipulation

Now that my weapon of choice for text manipulation is getting shut down, I’m thinking about a replacement. Jon Voorhees over at MacStories pointed me to Clean Text (website)(App Store), a $2.99 app that has many of the same text cleaning features as TextTool 2 but without the automation. You can, however, create your own Regular Expressions, which isn’t automation but still pretty handy.

One interesting feature is the way Clean Text uses the iCloud back end to work in conjunction with the Clean Text Menu app for Mac. 

I’ve downloaded and just started testing Clean Text and, so far, it is working as promised. The app was last updated May 8, 2017. The app already supports multitasking and split view. Hopefully it also goes all in with full support for iOS 11. Drag and drop could make a lot of sense with an app like this.