Conquer the New Year with PDFpen – Sponsor


This week MacSparky is sponsored by PDFpen, the get-it-done PDF application from Smile for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Years ago I went all-in with PDFpen, and I haven’t looked back.

PDFpen is excellent for organizing documents in the new year. Split and combine PDF documents to send just the right things to your accountant or your lawyer. Fill in PDF forms, whether interactive or not. One power trick is to add page numbers so you can explain exactly why that new HomePod on page 42 is tax related.

If you’re sending documents with your social security number or other private data, PDFpen makes it easy to redact that data, so it doesn’t get passed around. PDFpen also automatically performs optical character recognition on PDFs the first time it opens them so you can search and highlight the documents.

If you use PDFpenPro you can even create PDF portfolios – collections of multiple PDFs and related files – to make the presentation of your year-end documents even easier. Your accountant will love you.

The bottom line is that PDFpen and PDFpenPro are great tools for managing all of that end of year business we all must deal with. This year get PDFpen on your side and see how much easier (and faster) the job gets.