Gemini Photos for iPhone

For a long time, Gemini has been one of the best Mac apps for finding and removing duplicate photos on your Mac. Version two added the ability to analyze photos in your Apple Photos library and not only find duplicates but also similar photos and make recommendations about which ones to keep.

When the MacPaw team told me they were bringing this feature to the iPhone, I have to admit I was a bit surprised. In my mind, I always felt something as powerful as a Gemini would need a Mac. Turns out I was wrong.

Gemini Photos for iPhone, released this week, is an iPhone app that helps you clean your photo library using machine learning. With Gemini for iPhone, you get that same impressive photo sorting and recommendation tool Gemini brings to the Mac. When you open the app, it shows you potential photos for deletion categorized into “similar” and “clutter”. Similar images are not just duplicates but instead similar images, like when you take a picture of your niece and fire off ten shots in hopes that she’ll look at the camera and smile in one of them. Gemini even looks at those ten photos and makes it’s best guess as to which one you’ll want to keep.

Similar to Gemini for Mac, Gemini Photos for iOS specializes in finding similar images and even photos that it believes may be notes so you can slim down your photo library to just the images you want to keep. I’ve been using this app through the beta and it’s really helping me slim down my photos library. This is MacPaw’s first iOS app and I hope there’s more.