Apple Extends Repair Period for MacBook Keyboards

There are so many stories about keyboards going bad on MacBooks and MacBook Pros over the last few years. My 2015 12-inch MacBook is now on its third keyboard. Apple’s now announced they’ll continue to fix keyboards on several of these machines. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise but I’m glad Apple is doing the right thing. 

The curious part is where they go next. Are they going to abandon the new butterfly keys that are in the effected models? I don’t think so. With several years of data on the new switches, I suspect they probably are pretty close to having the problems licked. My guess is that they continue with the butterfly keys and brag at how they continue to improve while quietly continuing to repair the machines built during that learning curve. While that makes perfect sense for the minimalist MacBook, I’d prefer they abandon the butterfly keys and put something more robust in the MacBook Pros but that’s more a wish than a prediction.