Easily Track Your Time with the Updated Timing – Sponsor

I love it when a sponsor is a product I use every day. That’s true with this week’s sponsor, Timing.

Timing is a Mac App that quietly, and privately, keeps track of where you spend your time while you are on your Mac. Rather than timing how you think you spent your time after the last time you forgot to turn your timer on or off, Timing has precise data about what you were doing an sd when you were doing it. You can assign that time to projects and Timing will give you useful charts and data to help you figure out where you could do better.

Today Timing is releasing version 2018.3. The new version features full support for macOS Mojave’s Dark Mode, as well as a minor design overhaul in Light Mode with an emphasis on using macOS’ “Vibrant” appearance.

Also, the new version features:

  • Detailed tracking support for Mailplane (and thus Gmail), Bear, Dash, and Opera.

  • Integration with GrandTotal 5: tasks created in Timing will automatically show up in GrandTotal and can be inserted into invoices.

  • A full Chinese translation.

  • Full support for macOS Mojave.

This is a nice update. I like the dark mode design (above). Figuring out how you are spending your time is the first step toward spending your time on the right things, and in my opinion, if you drive a Mac, there is no better tool.

It’s a great app and using this link, you can get it at a discount. If you’re a SetApp subscriber, you can also get Timing as part of your subscription.