Automators 8: File Automation

The latest episode of the Automators is up and it’s all about file automation. Okay. Admittedly file automation is not the sexiest topic we could cover on Automators but we all file documents every day and a little automation here could go a long way. In this episode we cover file automation on both the Mac and iOS.

The Mac still reigns supreme as the place to manage files. Not only is the Finder more versatile than the iOS files app, we also have tools like Hazel and Keyboard Maestro to make dealing with files even easier. I wax poetic in this episode about Hazel and Rose talks about some clever Keyboard Maestro tricks to rename groups of files. She even made a screencast.

Eventually, we do get around to iOS and using some clever tricks in Siri Shortcuts on the front end, and Hazel on the back end, we sort out some pretty useful file automation tricks for your iPhone and iPad. I made a screencast on that.

Are you subscribed to Automators? If not, you should. It’s a great way to get better at making your devices work for you and have a little fun along the way.