The October 30 Apple Event

I’m looking forward to seeing what Apple does tomorrow at its  “There’s more in the making” event. I’m super-curious about the new iPad pros. Are they going to take even more steps for power users? I sure wouldn’t mind a trackpad on the new iPad keyboard. Either way, I’ve got a few things for you to remember:

 It’s at 10:00 AM … Eastern

That’s three hours earlier than usual. Adjust accordingly. 

It’s Live-streamed

You can watch the event from Apple’s Events Page. If you want to watch on your Apple TV, you can watch on the Apple Events app.

I Know a Great Place to Watch it with Fellow Nerds

Join this thread at Twitter is increasingly turning into a mess. The Mac Power Users community is a pretty nice group of folks. It’s just a forum so you wont get flooded and it is fun to chime in as the news comes down.

See you on the other side.