Credit Due Microsoft Office

This week Microsoft released an update to Office for Mac. The update makes Office for Mac dark mode-friendly. We’re just a few months since Apple released Mojave and Microsoft already has the new feature in Office. I have to give a hat tip to the Microsoft Office team. In years past, I was pretty hard on them. For years after the Mac Intel transition, Office was unusable. You would press a key and there was a noticeable delay before the letter would appear on the screen. It was like using an electric typewriter, except instead of electricity, the typewriter ran on a hamster power, and the hamster was drunk.

I still have my quibbles (particularly on the feature set for the iPad version) but, overall, Microsoft Office is a solid set of applications across the Apple platforms. Now I just need to cross my fingers that when Apple starts shipping ARM-based Macs, Microsoft handles that transition better than they did the switch to Intel.