Get Control of Your Meetings with Agenda Minder (Sponsor)


This week MacSparky is sponsored by Agenda Minder. Agenda Minder is a productivity tool that helps you prepare for meetings and developers meaningful agendas. Meetings are rarely fun but with Agenda Minder at least they can be efficient (and faster!).

With Agenda Minder you can add meeting details, import existing calendars and, most importantly, add agenda items. Then you can share that meeting information with your team via HTML, text, and, with the next update, OPML. Be that guy who sends out an agenda in advance. You’ll be shocked at how much the meeting’s attendees appreciate your preparation. There are more features, like filters and tags but in my opinion, this app really proves itself with meeting planning.

With the upcoming 1.7 update Agenda Minder will add dark mode, export to OPML, and several nice design tweaks.

Show everyone on your team how it is done with Agenda Minder.

Learn more over at the Agenda Minder website and use the links in this post to get the app for just $8.99 through the end of December.