Apple’s Reduced Earnings in Perspective

Today Apple announced they didn’t expect to hit their earning expectations, apparently largely due decreased Chinese sales. I expect the tech-related Internet to lose its collective mind over the next few weeks. Apple has already taken a beating on Wall Street. I don’t own Apple Stock and prefer to write about using Apple technology (as opposed to the business of Apple) with my little corner of the Internet. However, as the “Apple is Doomed” machine is getting warmed up, I would advise you to keep in the back of your mind that Apple’s reduced expectations doesn’t mean it’s losing money. It just means that instead of selling $89 billion in gizmos, they expect to sell $84 billion in gizmos.

Of course this isn’t good news for Apple. The company is worth less money this evening than it was this morning. Among other things, that makes it harder to hold on to top engineering talent. Still, I’m not going to lose any sleep over this and you probably shouldn’t either.