Attending Podcon

I’m hitting the publish button on this post as I am about to board a plane for Seattle to attend the Podcon conference. The decision to attend came pretty late in the process for me but one of the main reasons I’m going to Podcon is to meet up with friends, old and new. If you are attending Podcon and see me shuffling around, please say hello.  If you’re not attending, check out my Instagram feed (@macsparky) the next few days. I plan to publish some fun stories as I deal with Podcon.

If you are attending, Rosemary and I will be recording a live episode of Automators on Saturday February 19 at 11 AM. We’ll also be live-streaming that episode through Twitter so even if you’re not in Seattle, check our Twitter feeds (here’s mine) tomorrow before 11AM PST. We’re also doing a meetup, which is sadly fully booked but going to be a lot of fun tomorrow.