Getting Back on the Mechanical Keyboard Train

Lately, I’ve had the itch to try a mechanical keyboard again. It has been many years since I last used one but every time I start to think about pushing the button to order one, I get cold feet because I don’t like the idea of a USB cord, or they look too big, or something else.

This week I stumbled onto the Keychron K1 keyboard. Keychron is a company I’ve never heard of before and I may have made a mistake, but their new mechanical keyboards push all my buttons. (See what I did there?)

The Keychron K1 keyboards are Mac friendly, with the expected command button and the function row has glyphs very similar to Apple’s there is even a dedicated screenshot key (which presumably macros Command-Shift-4) and separate keys to activate Siri and Dictation. The keyboard is Bluetooth so there is no cord and it can, with the push of yet another button, jump between my iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The switches are half height blue switches and the whole thing just looks damn sexy with keys that seem to float.

I’ve ordered the 87-Key Mac variant. I’ll report back when I actually have one on my desk.