1Password Advanced Protection

The battle to protect your passwords never ends. Today 1Password announced it’s new Advanced Protection service for businesses that want better password protection. 
1Password Advanced Protection adds several security controls:

  • Enforce two-factor authentication. Enforce two-factor authentication company-wide, and choose which second factors your team can use when they add 1Password to a new device.

  • Restrict access with firewall rules. Create rules to allow, report, or deny sign-in attempts from certain locations, IP addresses, and more.

  • View and manage sign-in attempts. Review recent sign-in attempts and take any action required to protect your team.

  • Set complex Master Password policies. Define requirements employees must adhere to when they choose their Master Password.

  • Require modern app usage. Check which version of 1Password your employees are using to ensure they have the latest security and feature updates.

I can’t help but feel the Internet security situation is going to only get worse before it gets better. Does your company need to protect something like seven secret herbs and spices? If so, get yourself some advanced protection.