A Hypothetical Multi-Camera iPad Pro

Bloomberg, which normally does a pretty good job covering Apple plans since they hired Mark Gurman, is reporting several new products in the future including AR and VR glasses in several years. The more immediate prediction, however, is new iPads Pro in early 2020 featuring multiple cameras and a 3D system. I have to admit the idea of these improvements gets a yawn from me. I know Apple is working hard at AR and VR and it makes sense for these technologies to find their way onto the iPad. I’ll also grant you that I don’t see the iPad as particularly wanting on the hardware side (although I wouldn’t argue with a second USB-C port).

I also get that hardware is different from software but in the case of the iPad those two are hard to separate because they are so far apart. The iPad hardware is so refined that in order to make it better, they’re now going to the cameras, while the software, despite iOS 13, still has a lot of unpicked low hanging fruit. I sincerely hope that the big story on iPad in 2020 will be that the software is catching up to the remarkable hardware.