The Imminent MacBook Pro

Since Apple didn’t do an October event, they’ve been releasing new products on their website. We got the new AirPods Pro last week. In this coming week, I’m expecting a new MacBook Pro. I don’t have any inside information on this. Still, the rumor sites seem to have daily leaked images, and it seems like it is about time to get these in stores if people plan to buy each other very expensive laptops for the holidays (or companies can buy them before year-end). I usually wouldn’t write about a pending laptop update, but I’m particularly interested in this one. By all accounts, it will have a 16-inch display in about the same footprint as the 15-inch MacBook Pro. More importantly, it is rumored to have a new technology keyboard … that doesn’t suck.

If you are in the market for a MacBook Pro, wait a few weeks.