NetNewsWire 5 for iOS in Public TestFlight

NetNewsWire 5 Icon.png

NetNewsWire was my first RSS reader, and I have to admit I had little hope for it ever making its way to the iPhone and iPad. However, after a circuitous path, NetNewsWire is back in the hands of its original developer, Brent Simmons, and now you can sign up for the NetNewsWire iOS beta.

We recently had Brent on the Mac Power Users. During the interview, Brent explained how the application has wound up back with him, and he’s released an open-source Mac version. This iOS version will also be free, and he has several smart folks helping him develop it. I’ve always been a fan of Brent’s design aesthetic and playing with the beta today I can see his imprint. The app currently supports RSS feeds on your phone, through Feedbin, and Feedly. You can sign up for the NetNewsWire for iOS beta.