Apple TV+, A Few Months In

Now that Apple TV has been out a few months, I went back and looked at how much I’ve used the service. I watched all of the “For All Mankind” series, and I’m working my way through “Little America”. The big-budget “See” series couldn’t hold me for two episodes, but that isn’t surprising. Dystopian future shows do nothing for me. My wife and I watched the first few episodes of “Morning Show” together, and we have the best intentions of finishing it, but we haven’t got around to episode three in months.

In contrast, my family (without any small children) seems to watch Disney+ constantly. I get that I’m just reporting one family, but talking to friends and family, Apple TV+ seems to have the same lukewarm reception among all of them. Looking at this launch window, all we can really say is that Apple has now planted its flag on original content, but I doubt its competitors are losing much sleep at this point. In other words, Apple, don’t quit your day job.