The Six Colors Apple Report Card

At the end of each year, Jason Snell asks a few people in the Apple community to score Apple’s wins and losses with his annual Apple report card. Today Jason released the report card for 2019. Unexpectedly, Apple’s services score continues to improve, and its software score for 2019 took a beating. This annual report card is an excellent resource for the community to take in how folks see Apple in its various business lines over the years.

While I understand why the software quality score went down in 2019 (there were a lot of problems with Catalina and the iOS 13 launch), I wasn’t as bullish as everyone else in 2018 when they had a stable release with very few new features. I want Apple to be more aggressive about improving the operating systems, but I also want them to ship stable software. Hopefully, they can walk and chew gum in 2020.