HoudahGeo 6


Today marks the release of HoudahGeo 6. While Apple has geo-location support in Photos, it often feels more like an after-thought. HoudahGeo 6 is an entire app dedicated to simplifying adding geo-location data to your photos.

There are a lot of nice features with the update:

  • Support for JPG+RAW pairs.

  • Option to select the time zone to use when writing times to EXIF/XMP.

  • Imports much more location data from the recesses of Apple media libraries. Write to EXIF/XMP for future-proof storage.

  • HoudahGeo now has separate options for sidecars to JPEG and RAW files

  • Easy import from Apple Photos. HoudahGeo can now grab the current selection from the Photos application

  • Interactive maps now show images, track logs, and waypoints. You can match a photo to a point on a GPS track. HoudahGeo will figure out the camera clock settings

  • Lift & stamp metadata. Grab coordinates and metadata from one image. Apply to other images

  • Weather data: ambient temperature, humidity, and air pressure. Enter manually or read from KESTREL log files

  • Scuba diving: water depth. Enter manually or read from UDDF log files

If you shoot with SLR camera or anything else that doesn’t log geo-location data, check out HoudahGeo to simplify getting accurate location data to your photos.