On Improving News+ Subscriptions

MG Siegler makes a good point in his argument that Apple needs an Amazon Prime-like bundle to include News+.

“Part of the problem is counterintuitive. If anything, News+ is too good of a deal. There is simply too much content to consume for too low of a price that it’s a weird value equation in most peoples’ heads. The game is actually zero sum. The game is life and the metric is time. None of us have enough of it.”

I subscribed to News+ but I didn’t read it enough, and I got the same feeling in the pit of my stomach that I used to have when I watched the New Yorker pile up next to my bed. So much content. So little time. We address this on this weekend’s episode of the Mac Power Users, and the interesting bit is that while I know a lot of people deeply embedded in the Apple Ecosystem, very few of them are News+ subscribers. For me, at least, it’s interesting that with the Apple Gaming service, which I continue to subscribe to, I don’t feel bad at all about only playing a small fraction of the available games.

I expect MG’s right, though. Apple will be releasing a bundle price for all of their services to make services like News+ feel easier to accept as one more bit of a more significant subscription. I’m a bit surprised it hasn’t happened yet.