The MacBook Butterfly Keyboard Legacy

Taika Waititi was talking to the press about his Apple laptop keyboard. It becomes a bit about halfway through, but also the truth hurts.

Those keyboards are horrendous.

It seems like every guest we bring on Mac Power Users that uses a laptop has a failed keyboard story. It happens so often that people are accusing me of slanting the story against Apple. That’s not the case though. It is just that nearly all of our guests have a MacBook with a butterfly switch keyboard that goes bad. If you listen to the Waititi quote below, he also takes a shot at the iMac keyboard, which is perfectly fine. I’m guessing he doesn’t know better because he’s not obsessed with this stuff like us nerds and in his mind, if the laptop keyboard sucks, so must the desktop keyboard.

I’m getting ready to send one kid to college and the other to graduate school. I expect I’ll need to buy a pair of MacBook Airs later this year and I’m terrified they won’t get the new scissor-switch keyboards before I need to buy them.

Even though Apple is now taking steps to fix the keyboards, it will be many years before those butterfly keyboard MacBooks (which you can still go and buy in the Apple store today) are out of circulation. The public perception that Apple keyboards are bad will last years longer than that. Apple can’t get the entire MacBook line of keyboards updated soon enough.