168 Hours

That’s all you get. Every week you have 168 hours to spend. It’s like currency, but much more valuable and you can’t put it in the bank. We all get the same allotment, whether we are rich or poor, and every week we start over again, with another 168 hours.

I recently received a cranky email from a reader about my practice of hyper-scheduling (1) (2) (3). I understand that scheduling appointments for myself to work on my priority work can be odd. Still, the reason I continue to do it almost every day is all about the intentional use of those precious 168 hours. When I hyper-schedule, I use those hours intentionally. When I don’t hyper-schedule, I use that time un-intentionally. This is the one factor that changes my happiness and stress levels the most. This is how I move the needle. When I fall off the wagon, I feel it. This week I’ve blocked time for Field Guide production, writing, podcasting, and client work. I’ve also blocked time for family, friends, and watching the new Clone Wars episode on Friday. I’ve even blocked time for a puppy. The point is, I’ve planned out my 168 hours intentionally. Once you’ve done that, other distractions and time-sucks are so much less tempting. We all get just 168 hours a week. Use them wisely.